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I welcome your comments about the classes that you attend with Jill Sand Consulting! If you would like to provide a Testimonial for this website, just go the the Contact Me link to the right and fill in the information there. I will post your testimonial on this page.

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Namaste, Jill

From Calm Body, Calm Mind Workshop:


Calm Body, Calm Mind – Jill Sand

Very good and helpful.

Great relaxing hour.

This session was very enjoyable.

Good information, very relaxing workshop.  This info can help to calm kids and show them how to calm down.

I love this.  You should have it for every training opportunity.

Very nice presentation, very calming.  Good handouts and techniques.  Thanks so much.

I learned a couple of techniques I want to try with my students.

This was just what I needed.  It’s going to help me.  We should have something like this more often.

Good information to learn.  Offer it more often.

From Sue Marsh:

Jill I am so inspired by you! You are such a jewel to have found after you quit teaching. I am thankful to have found you.

From Barb Severson:

Congrats Jill On yet another adventure......you are quite an inspiration! Really enjoyed reading your blog,your thoughts and look forward to more!

From Terry J:

I wish you the best of luck with your new venture of a Women's Circle.  If there was a way to join it via internet and email, I sure would! I loved reading your inspirational thoughts and your blog.
Your web site is very impressive and professionally done. I am amazed at what talented people like you can do!!

From Victoria G:

Awesome website!  I'd like to hear more about the monthly "Women's Circle."  I have definitely missed yoga classes in the busyness of completing my master's degree, but that is coming to a close in April!  Congratulations on the gorgeous website and step forward on your journey.