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What's Good for the Soul

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Just looking back, I see that my last blog was on depression, and there have been no more blogs since then. For those of you who follow me regularly, I hope you didn't get worried that I was more depressed than I had let on, because that is not the case.

It's true that I am still working through a mild form of my own depression, but it has not debilitated me in any way. I have been working with my mantras to get me through my own depression. I have been decreasing my stress and busy schedule. I have let go of activities that were feeling more burdensome than enlightening, like blogging, for the time being.

But the best way to work through depression, when you are in it, is to do the things you love to do. Surround yourself with fun activities, fun people, and be in a fun environment, as much as possible. Sometimes the change has to start from the outside.

This past weekend was my annual teacher girlfriend weekend in Whalen, near Lanesboro. That weekend is ALWAYS so good for my Soul! We laugh, tell stories, make new memories, and just generally have a great time. We support each other during our difficult times and listen to each other in a way that we don't always feel other hear us.

Girflriend time is good for the Soul! In just 19 days, another group of women will be going to Colorado with me for a yoga retreat. That will be another "good for the Soul" weekend of support for all of us.

What good things are you doing for your Soul this week?


Posted on May 6, 2013 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

This weekend I was made aware of the depth of depression some people are suffering from, following such a long and drawn out winter season. Crabbiness, sleeping a lot, excessive drinking, picking fights, seeing everything wrong with the world and having no hope for better days ahead, were all the symptoms I was exposed to this weekend. And I was shocked by how many people are experiencing some or all of these symptoms.

Because Saturday was a pretty decent day, those of us who may experience some seasonal affective disorder had a great day of feeling productive and having a general smile on our faces, which sorted out the SAD candidates from the truly depressed, in my observation. 

Let's send healing prayers and kind thoughts of loving protection to those who are suffering from depression, asking that this overbearing weight be lifted from their hearts.


The Power of Two or More

Posted on May 2, 2013 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Last night's circle was about building our intuition. The small group of women attending consider themselves intuitive but don't really trust themselves when it comes to thinking intuitively. It was a fun circle, as we saw one of the women step forward in her confidence in herself. 

2013 is a year that really requires those of us who are healers and teachers and Light Ones to step forward and be the beacon for those others who are really suffering right now. I have spoken before about the number of haters and angry people out there right now. They are needing us to diffuse that anger. We can think about it like a completely pitch black room. We are a candle in that room, and we are shedding light into the dark corners. We don't need to give our energy away to them. In fact, I don't think this is a time to give our energy to anyone. Instead, we should be just holding the Light energy in place.

At another circle, we discussed the power of group meditation and prayer. I have set up a prayer chain through my Facebook page, for group prayers. I am including meditations in my circles, as well as at the end of class, for group meditation. These are two examples of the power of group consciousness. 

Contact me if you wish to learn more.


Do Good, Be Good

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Do Good and Be Good... This Will Take You To the Freedom and To Whatever Truth There Is.


I recently had a conversation with a friend about the afterlife. She wasn't so sure that there is one. Even having had some channeled readings with various people who had so accurately described some of her loved ones that had passed. I understand this. Even with the experiences I have had with the Other Side, therecan be a seed a doubt that appears at times, when I ask myself, "Was that real?" The short answer is, "Yes it is."

But as I explained to my friend, it is my belief that you don't need to believe. All you really need to do is to be good and do good. I think there is a judgment day when we pass, in which we review our lives. It isn't a judgment like a finger pointing at us, telling us how bad we are. It is more of our own self-reflection, as we review the opportunities in life where we had to make choices, and the path we took. Did we do what we did for the good of others, or did we do it for our own selfish motives that would adversely affect others? I don't think we will be punished by God for our actions, like a parent punishes a child. Instead, we will be hard on ourselves, which as we all know, is more punishing than anything another person can "do" to us.

And so the lesson, whether a faith practitioner, an agnostic, or an atheist, is to be good and do good. It's the right thing to do.


Leap of Faith

Posted on April 25, 2013 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

A high school classmate whom I've reacquainted with on Facebook asked a prayer group to pray for her Godchild, who is having surgery to correct a crossed eye, which may also be blind, and she also asked that we pray for one of her horses, who is also having vision issues and sees the doctor today. Being one who doesn't believe in coincidences, I decided I needed to meditate on this.

So let's take a look at the connections: two beings whom my friend loves very much, and both are having trouble seeing. My FB friend is concerned for both of them. I sense a fear of losing one's sight and how that would affect our lives. The fear is that we would be restricted as we lose one of our five major senses. But with this thought of loss, what I am being told is that there is an opening as well. An opportunity to explore our higher senses, those not of the 3 dimensional world. And so we need to let go of that fear and be open to the next level of consciousness. It is the challenge for being able to truly see. 

In yoga, we talk about taking a leap of faith. We do it when we are practicing difficult poses and want to move on to the next level. We assess the risks of if we fail or not, and then recognize we are ready to take that risk. 

I think our spiritual journey is very much a leap of faith. We are constantly assessing where we want to go with it, we assess what happens if we fail, and then, when we are ready to either fail or succeed, we go for it. My own journey has taken this path many times. Start, stop, back up, start over, go a little farther, stop, assess, and so on...

I used to be an avid reader, and I always said that my biggest fear would be to lose my sight. Jeff hates reading, and I knew I would not be read to. And now they have books that are on tape, and so that takes care of my biggest concern. However, just as technology has improved so greatly, I find myself rarely reading an entire book cover to cover. It's like my attention span cannot handle that much time reading. I have to wonder why that is. Is that my own natural tendency saying get your head out of the books and start living, or is it menopause that keeps my attention span so short? I really don't know what it is, but I can say I have less fear of going blind.

I guess the lesson is that we learn to let go of those fears with a leap of faith, and there might be something much better just beyond those fears. In fact, I believe there IS something better...


Manifest Love

Posted on April 23, 2013 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

We are shaped by our thoughts: we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


I keep having this conversation with my husband, regarding our thoughts manifesting themselves. That is really what Buddha taught us so long ago. We are creating our own Earth. So we need to keep our thoughts pure so that we create joy. It's that important.

Let's look at an example. Our world is fastly advancing in technology. Look at what we are capable of today vs just five years ago. We used to laugh at the ideas that would float around about our future technologies, but we don't anymore. We understand what we are capable of.

In the midst of all these changing technologies are changing lifestyles of two parents working, single parents, gay parents, etc. There has been a small but very vocal minority that have continued to cry out that things were better 50 years ago. In fact, haven't we all "Liked" those Facebook pages that share all the stories from days gone by and then say, "Like this page if you agree"?

I mean, who doesn't like the image of a nuclear family sitting down to dinner together and praying together, etc.? But what we are putting out to the Universe is that we want to go back to those times.

And the Universe responds: today we have politicians questioning whether a girl asked to be raped or not, whether a woman can even get pregnant if she is raped. We have people speaking out against gay relationships because they are not "normal." We have people saying that the whole idea of marriage is to procreate. 

We must understand that our thoughts are manifesting, and they are manifesting quickly. This is both a curse and a blessing. Make it a blessing and put good thoughts out into the world. Be a lover and not a hater. Accept others into your heart despite their perceived failings. It's easy to fall victim to the mentality that some people are not worth loving. Especially in light of the Boston Bombings. But let's be above that noise and send love to this young man whose own heart did not have love in it. He will never go free, he may even die for his punishment, but he is still a young man who seemed to be lacking loving guidance. There are too many people out there in that same circumstance. Let's send them love as well.

We are manifesting our thoughts, so let's make them good ones.

Peace and Love

Proof of Heaven

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

A friend loaned me her book, "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, a couple weeks ago, and I am slowly making my way through it. It's a very good book about a neurosurgeon's near death experience (NDE). What amazes me about it, is how it is so very similar to my own out of body experiences (OBE) I had about a decade ago.

He spoke of a darkness that overcame him, and from the darkness came lights, like stars in the sky. And the stars turned into an angelic being who was his guide during his NDE. In my own two experiences, I was met by two beautiful angels, one just showed me what it was like to be in the space where you don't "breathe" like we need to in our 3D bodies. In fact, when I became aware of not breathing, I sucked in a deep breath, and she was gone, and I was back in the 3D world. She also showed me how we can speak telepathically. 

In the book, Alexander talked about the feeling of love that is so hard to describe or even compare to the love we feel for our children and spouses. I completely understood this feeling as well. There was such peace in that dimension, it was frustrating to come back to this dimension.

I had these experiences over 10 years ago. At the time, I shared them with my husband, and he thought I was nuts. Truly nuts. He thought I had been brainwashed, so I ended up getting help from an atheist  therapist. I really liked my therapist, and by the end of our sessions, I realized that I wasn't nuts. In fact, when I went back for a tune-up a few years later, during a difficult time in my life, she brought it up again. She said that she was no longer an atheist but was open to the fact there might be a higher being, at least she believed that we might have a higher self or conscience. She was making progress. Haha!

Reading "Proof of Heaven," and the many similarities that this neurosurgeon had compared to my own experiences, I now have validation that I wasn't just dreaming. I will say that, after those OBEs, I never feared death again. 

It's all good, on the other side. It's all good.


Flip the Switch, Or Turn the Dimmer Control...

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I've got this song rolling through my head right now:

"It's a new day, think new thoughts,

There's a new way, change your hearts.

There a new law in the land."

I can't say that those are the real words for that song from my childhood, but that is the message I am getting this morning. 

We are experiencing a series of disappointments. The weather has disappointed us, as winter decides to stick around 3-4 weeks longer than we all expected or wished for. On the news, there are disappointments, as our Congress fails to pass stricter gun law enforcement after we continue to witness more and more violent shootings of innocent vicitms. And then there are the disappointments of ourselves, as we feel stuck or stymed or, as my son said last week, just not at all motivated.

But the way to change all that is not through our pocketbook or a scehduled vacation to somewhere warmer and sunnier (guilty!). It is to bring more heart work into our lives. We need to change our hearts.

So how do we flip that switch? Can it be done with a flip of a switch? Well, it can, but for some of us, we need more of a dimmer control switch.

Whenever we are feeling worried, frustrated, angry, unsettled, and any other negative emotion, it is time to bring love into our hearts. We need to breathe it into us, like we take in our three-part yoga breath. We need to feel like we are filling our lungs with love, and the lungs are taking this love out to the heart and then to every cell of our being. We need to keep breathing in love, until we feel full of love. Maybe it will take 5 breaths, or maybe it will take 25 breaths. Only when we can feel the love, do we stop.

This is important for ourselves and also for others. When we fill out hearts with love, we start to radiate that out to others. We become compassionate and empathetic. We send out a signal to others that says, "Yes, I care."

Think of the person who has committed the atrocious bombing during the Boston Marathon. What if he had received a feeling of love from those around him? Would he have been capable of such a devastating act? Probably not. 

And so we must do our part. There is a new law. "Love one another instead."

All You Need Is Love

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I am reading this book, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, about a neurologist who contracts meningitis and goes into a weeklong coma. While in this coma, he has a near death experience, which changes his whole view of how the brain works, and on life in general.

What I love about this book are the many similarities for when I had a couple of out of body experiences back over ten years ago. He was in a dark space, and then he saw light, like millions of stars in the skies, and these stars became light beings, and one became an angel who was with him for his journey. Twice I had the same experience of an angel coming to me from the stars. He talks about how it feels to be in that Heavenly place, where all you feel is love, and that sense of love is so much deeper than any feeling we might describe. It just IS, and there is no worry or fear or pain or any  other emotion there.

Alexander makes the conclusion that this life we are living is all an illusion, and to really experience the Truth, we need to fill our hearts with love. When we feel fear or anxiety or frustration or any other negative emotion, just breathe love deeply into our being. Go back to our true essence. 

Today, I am reminded, All You Need Is Love.

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The Connection

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

After experiencing the ultimate weather-related meltdown yesterday, I was feeling the need to go within, and I was so happy that there was a New Moon Circle gathering at my friend, Laurie's house. What a wonderful evening it turned out to be!

I may write about other experiences during the Circle at another time, but for this morning, I want to share a deeper connection I had made. 

About a year ago, I had gone to see Laurie for a private reading. During the reading, she shared that my grandfather had showed up at the end of the session, and he had a simple message: "I was a healer, too." That was all he said or wanted me to know. He smiled, and then he was gone.

Now this was a new revelation for me, and I wasn't sure how I could verify it. I asked my mother if she remembered my grandpa saying anything about having a gift of healing, for instance, with regard of the animals on the farm or anything like that, but she could not. So since the reading, I have done a fair bit of meditating on this information to learn more.

There was a time, when my mother was a small girl, that my grandfather left the family for a time. The family never really wanted to talk aboout it much, and my mom has few details regarding it, but the story was that he had gotten into a bit of a funk, depression, and so he went to stay with relatives up north for a few months.

This time has always been a mystery for the family, at least as the story has been retold. In my meditations, I was told that it was actually my grandfather's gifts that had made him, and the rest of the family, think he was in the middle of a serious mental breakdown. He had had some experiences, and there had been no one to share them with, and in the rigid Catholic upbringing, it was suggested that he was hallucinating and therefore needed a break from his life for awhile.

My grandpa was a quiet man, and so there was never more said about this, to my knowledge.

This brings me back to last night's Circle. We were discussing the planets' alignment at this time, and the effect on people. 2013 is the year of feminine energy. We are seeing all kinds of "feminist" issues being challenged and defended right now, but the cooler head of the feminine persuasion will prevail. We are in the time of Aries. Former rules that hold us back will be challenged and broken as we break through barriers. Capricorn is present. Capricorn offers us deep, soulful challenges. We need healthy sounding boards in our immediate circle of friends to help us release this information we are taking in right now. Meanwhile, Mars has stepped in, and Mars represents a militant time of warriors and warfare. Uranus is present as well, and that brings in "hyperactive" energy, like feelings of jittery-ness. Finally, we have Pluto, which calls for revolution, as people push for change. In our horizon is Venus, which will bring in more feminine energy. 

This cycle of Pluto, dread, wandering, wondering, time of unease, is meant to wear us down so our resistance to the changes to come will have less fight. Now this is the important tie-in with my grandfather: we haven't had this alignment since the 1930s, which was the time period that my grandfather experienced his gifts. And as we look at today's world and country issues, they are very similar to the issues of the world and country back in the 30s. As it is very much the same energy cycle. What HAS changed, though, is that we are now in a higher dimension of energy, so people like my grandfather are no longer looked at as mentally ill, but are now considered gifted. Those of us who have discovered our gifts, we all have them, are being encouraged by the angels and guides, as well as by our more enlightened friends and family, to share our gifts with others. In fact, it is necessary that we do so, as we don't want to make the same mistakes as in the 30s and 40s. We also want to pray for our leaders of the world, to embrace the feminine energy and keep cool heads and hold respect for one another.

A lot to take in, and I will be meditating on this message for awhile.